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Custom Home Build Process

Showroom Visit

This meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss ideas, visions, locations and budgets. Most importantly, you will be able to see how Kayton Lee Homes can be apart of your project. 

Preliminary Proposed Project Outline

During this visit, Kayton Lee Homes will propose the project outline and the responsibilities of each party involved.

Approved Agreement & Project Scope

After a few adjustments on final budgets and project details, a formal agreement will be executed by all parties. At this time, home site, financing, budget and general project specs will be finalized and we are ready to start full design of your project.


Selection for all items will be chosen at this stage. With the help of our design experts, your home becomes your personal living canvas.


Once the larger percentage of your selections have been made, we can begin construction on your home!

 Build Your Memories

Your home is complete and ready for move in! Though this is the end of our build process, Kayton Lee Homes offers arguably the best warranties in the industry and vows to stick by your side, so that you can focus on building memories.

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

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