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True Custom Builders are low volume builders that specialize in constructing a unique vision and design that is provided by an owner, Read More

architect or designer. These builders focus on quality over quantity and provide service to help with the building of a home that was designed independently.


Design and Build Custom Home Builders are companies that facilitate and incorporate all of the independent components of the true Read More

custom build process. They create a much more efficient and harmonious experience under one roof. These firms focus on eliminating the research and vetting process that future customers will have to perform by providing a team of the best architects, engineers, designers, vendors, suppliers and real estate professionals in the market.


A luxury remodel firm works as one cohesive unit under one roof. During a whole-house remodel, it is crucial for a firm to manage every Read More

detail, including, budgeting, scheduling, procurement, and obtaining permits.


Good home design is not about colors and tile selection spreadsheets. The value of a good design is in the implementation of whole home systems that improve health and performance, reduce maintenance, increase the lifetime of your mechanical systems, and minimizes the cost of construction.


Thank you so much for doing such a thorough job on our follow-up. The house looks great- even down to the small details! We are very happy with our home and can’t imagine being anywhere else. Thank you.

Nasrollahzadeh Family

Thank you so much for our beautiful home. We can sleep well at night knowing that we live in a structurally sound and well built home. Thank you for all of your guidance and ideas…

Salas Family

When the Red Yucca Group was looking for a builder to work with, it was extremely important to us that they share the same beliefs and values. As a team we have a very strong belief system for the way that we conduct business. Win-win or no deal, integrity to do the right thing, customers always come first, commitment in all things, communication: seek first to understand, creativity: ideas before results, teamwork, trust starts with honesty, and success through others. These are the true beliefs of our company. Kayton Lee Homes is the first company that we have come across that truly lives and does business with the same beliefs and values. The customer ALWAYS comes first and there is transparency in all things. We are proud to be partnered with Hector and his team and we are excited to see what the future holds. 

Red Yucca Group- Keller Williams El Paso