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The Different Types of Builders In The Construction Industry

Volume/Tract/Spec/Production Builders:
These builders build predetermined floor plans that are sure to appeal to the masses and ensure marketability of the homes for rapid volume sales. These builders can build up to several hundreds of homes per year. Some builders allow customization of their floor plans and offer “upgrades” and/or “options” for limited items.
The homes are built fast and efficiently to keep up with the demand and maintain a low sales price.
Semi-Custom Home Builders:
These types of builders are medium volume builders that offer value packages to customize your home. Semi Custom Builders are the perfect fit for DIY type buyers and those who want to put a hand in the look of their home. These builders are driven by price per square foot and promote “the look, for less” approach to homebuilding. Though the best economical alternative to a true custom home, they lack the attention to the detail in the design for performance, quality and authenticity.
True Custom Builders:
True Custom Builders are low volume builders that specialize in constructing a unique vision and design that is provided by an owner, architect or designer. These builders focus on quality over quantity and provide service to help with the building of a home that was designed independently.
Design and Build Custom Builders:
Design and Build Custom Home Builders are companies that facilitate and incorporate all of the independent components of the True Custom Build process. They create a much more efficient and harmonious experience under one roof. These firms focus on eliminating the research and vetting process that future custom home build customers will have to perform by providing a team of the best architects, engineers, designers, vendors, suppliers and real estate professionals in the market.