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Why Kayton Lee Homes?

Is a Design and Build Home For Me?

Having the opportunity to build a home is the American dream, building a custom home is a dream come true. However, we all know, nothing good comes easy. There is some work and a price to pay to have your dream come true. Below are some reasons that may indicate whether or not a design and build home is a good fit for you:


Quality is brought by a good design, then implemented by the people building the home. We focus on a great design and implement design techniques that will end in a long lasting finish for years. Quality is not supposed to be controlled, it is to be caused through sincere intent and a bit of intelligence. We firmly believe that quality represents a wise choice from the many alternatives you may have.


When building your home, there are millions of options at your finger tips. However, how often do we focus on the things that affect the physical and mental health of your family? If you look for the unseen value in your build, we can’t wait to meet you. With growing epidemics and/or pandemics, it is important to implement the most state of the art systems in the world to ensure that health and wellness starts at home.


Do you consider yourself someone who is able to see something before it exists? If so, you will have a blast. Our builds can go as far as your imagination can take you. However, if you’re in need of some guidance, our design team is here for you throughout the entire process.


Organization might make you a stickler at home, but you will be a favorite at Kayton Lee Homes. There are many selections to make when designing and building a home. Being able to keep your ideas in order will help you make quick, sound decisions and save you money!


The time to go through the design and build process can range anywhere from 6 months to 24 months depending on the size and the level of detail of your project. If you need a quick move-in ready home, designing and building may not make sense for you.

Price Per Square Foot

If your home build is price driven and focused around a price per square foot comparison, the design and build custom home process may not be for you. Design and build projects have a predetermined budget as any other project may. The difference is in the value that is created through integration of high quality, performance, and through engineering to accommodate a common goal while maintaining detailed and authentic luxury designs. Price per square foot prices vary significantly depending on designs. More detailed designs will require larger budgets.

Kayton Lee Homes Construction Science

Kayton Lee Homes uses particular methods to help reduce cost, promote efficiency, and provide quality for every home built!

Why Advanced Framing Techniques?

Using advanced framing techniques is a great way to improve the cumulative r-rating of your walls. In addition, advanced framing increases structural integrity and reduces cost, ultimately benefiting the homeowner.

Moisture and Vapor Barrier Techniques

Vapor barriers are a crucial part of the longevity of your home. The proper design and installation of these barriers will minimize maintenance and long term damage to the structural and mechanical components of your home.

Homesite Soil & Preparation Engineering

Homesite soil and preparation is the foundation of your investment. Having the soil analyzed, lab tested, and having an engineer design the foundation work will set the tone for a good finish.

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